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Thanks for the suggestion. Anybody else particularly interested in this?

It looks our data provider has this wrong. I've contacted them to resolve the issue.

Hey, actually, this is something that is almost done. We're going to add an "EPV to NRV" ratio to the screener. If it's greater than 1, there's a moat, and you'll be able to sort to find the biggest moats. Stay tuned.

Saw the video. Thanks for your suggestion.

First thing's first. We're just trying to improve the existing systems right now. As simple as that may sound it requires resources that we just can't spare into adding new features right now.

We have and give you access to pretty much all US stocks, including small OTCs. These stocks get added and delisted frequently, though, so if you ever find one that's missing, just let us know.

In the feature survey I sent to members in February, this was one of the options, but it was not voted as one of the top 4 most requested features. (Those were, in no particular order: dividend section, new valuation methods, custom dashboard, and backtesting.)

So, although I agree that this would be great, it's almost certainly not going to happen this year. Not enough people wanted it more than those other things.

Of course, if lots of people chime in here, I'm willing to listen. It's still about trade-offs, though. Something else would get bumped if we prioritize this.


The data provider we used for those lists changed their licensing and required a 100x increase in our price, which was not sustainable for free lists, so we took them down.

You can reconstruct pretty much any of these lists as a paid subscriber using our Stock Screening tool, however. All that data is in there, you just need to set up your filters.

For example, to re-create the NNWC screener, you'd just create a screen in our app with these rules:

  • Price to NNWC <= 1 -- click to sort by this column after creating
  • NNWC >= 0
  • NCAV >= 0
  • Price to Cash (any value)

We also had generic screening rules for most of our screens to ensure high quality without having to review every single company:

  • Avg Volume, 10 days >= 3000
  • Sector != Energy, Financials, Utilities
  • Industry != Metals/Mining
  • Exchange != OTC
  • Price >= $0.30
  • Country Registered <> China

If you decide to subscribe and you need help setting up your favorite screener, let me know.

Good idea. Shouldn't be too hard. We'll try to get it prioritized soon.

Hi Daniel. I checked Bamsec and found out that MDXG did file updated 8K documents. But our data provider only pulls data from 10K. In addition, they seem to be behind on their 10K filings. I know that this is not the resolution you want as the company filing is out of our control. Thank you for helping us keep an eye out for this.