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Forgot to mention -- this is done! You can find EPV to Net Repro Value in the screener.

Done - thanks!

Bigger picture, we're working on a new "security master" to improve our system for handling ticker changes so things like this don't slip through the cracks. 

Hi Jeff. Mike did tag this as under review. He's still checking this out. Submissions under review have a very high chance of being implemented as a feature.

Thanks for pointing this out. The bug is now fixed. If you hard refresh your browser (ctrl + F5), it should work.

Just to close that out, here's what we heard from our news (and other data) provider: "We're going to pass on this feedback to our upstream news provider. Additionally, we're currently in process of working on integrating a new upstream news provider that will provide fresher news and higher coverage. Once we get that partner integrated you'll see a large improvement."

I'm not sure what the timing will be on this, but hopefully we'll all see improved results soon across all companies.

Yeesh. This is now fixed. Thank you very much for reporting it.

Ugh, that's a date math bug. We've fixed it and are pushing it live now.

As for how old the news is, that comes from a data provider that still shows those articles as the latest for this company. I'm not seeing old news for other companies, so it might just be a coverage issue with these guys. I'll file a support ticket with them.