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Create a function that allows the user to create our own weightings for our own custom Action score

Brandon Sullivan 8 years ago updated by Alex C 4 years ago 9

Hey Jae! OSV Online is so great. After playing around, and seeing the link for ideas I thought I'd chime in.

What if there was the ability for a user to create his own custom action score? It would use the Q,V,G metrics, but we could use sliders to create our own blend of weightings of each metric to come up with our own action score....am I making sense? That way we could tweak our search for market conditions or find something more suitable to balance a portfolio that may already be heavy in one direction or another.

Under review

Actually this is something that I do want to do :)

Let each person create their own scoring formula. It makes total sense.

Now it's a matter of trying to get my head around how to make it work with everything else.

But that is a super suggestion and glad to see that someone using it is thinking the same thing.


An example that I love is how Humble Bundle let's you pay for video games. If you look at their slider model it's the best I've seen and would work perfectly with weighting an action score for a stock.

**If you're interested in seeing it go to humblebundle.com, scroll down to "Pay What You Want" and there's a dropdown called "Choose where your money goes". It allows you to weight the compensation between the developers, Humble Bundle, and charity.

Great idea. Definitely going to try and figure out how to do this in the cleanest way.

Brandon's idea is great! I really like your action score, but there are several metrics that I might want to alter to better suit my investing style.

Thanks. It's in my roadmap. I want this to be a platform for you create your own metrics and scores.


What a great idea...wow. Yeah, this makes total sense. Jae, you have a great scoring system. There some metrics I don't necessarily agree with (like any other great system). For me, the biggest problem I have with the Action Score is the Growth part, GP/Assets in particular. I'm not entirely sure if this metric is the best vetter It knocks off a lot of great stocks that have good Value and Quality scores but because they don't show a good GP/Assets.

Now, here's the hard part: if you leave it up to us, there's also a lot of room for error. lol. Not everyone is Jae Jun who has a lot of experience in investment valuation. Just because I think this isn't good, doesn't mean it actually isn't good. Low P/Es outperforming is great proof of human errors in judgment and prediction. Just because people think this company isn't good and has no viable future doesn't mean that it's true.

But I am looking forward to seeing our own customizable action score. Maybe you can even provide suggested templates or variations!

I agree with OP, this would be a fantastic way for the community to get more engaged, share ideas and methodology. Please keep us updated on any progress you're making on this front, Jae. Thank you!

Under review

In the feature survey I sent to members in February, this was one of the options, but it was not voted as one of the top 4 most requested features. (Those were, in no particular order: dividend section, new valuation methods, custom dashboard, and backtesting.)

So, although I agree that this would be great, it's almost certainly not going to happen this year. Not enough people wanted it more than those other things.

Of course, if lots of people chime in here, I'm willing to listen. It's still about trade-offs, though. Something else would get bumped if we prioritize this.


Hey Mike,

I think this feature (custom metrics and scores) would be awesome. Can you give any update on this development?