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Screener Results

Jeff Partlow 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

Once we receive the results from a custom screen, it would be great to be able to manually add tickers to the 'Your Screen' result.  This would be very helpful for seeing how the 'Your Screen' metrics for additional tickers we are interested in compare with those companies that met all the criteria specified in that particular screen.

For example, let's say a custom screener returns 20 tickers to the 'Your Screen' tab.  But then I would like to add 5 other tickers to the bottom of the 'Your Screen' results to see and compare the numbers for these additional companies (that didn't meet all the criteria of the screen) to the 20 companies that did.   


What is your thinking on this topic?

Hi Jeff. Mike did tag this as under review. He's still checking this out. Submissions under review have a very high chance of being implemented as a feature.