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Hi Jae,

Does that menu tab work on mobile, or is a desktop feature only. I can't find it on my phone.



Very much looking forward to this

I would welcome this feature; however, I do not believe it should take president over others; like additional valuation metrics and models. The reason why is because their are many other tools online that do this well with realtime quotes. OSV is where I go to research my portfolio and other investment ideas. I believe the research features should be the primary focus of OSV because that is what it does BEST

This feature is less valuble to me as there are many online tools to get that ratio very quickly. I would welcome it, as it would save me a few sec when needed; however, I mainly use OSV for its data that is not easily attained in other sources. Metrics like P/FCF and all the various valuation models and wuality scores are extremely valuable. Also, the financial data is a big + to have on hand.

I would love the exact formulas for everything. I wouldn't mind a seperate apreadsheet or pdf for reference. I often time spend a lot of time scouring the interenet to get the bare bones equations for valuatioms and metrics.

Thank you! This will be super helpful!!

I use multiple different tools to try my best to stay organized in the messy business of sifting through 100's of invesment ideas. I really like the stockstracker app for keepig track of my portfolios as well as keeping notes on long and short ideas. Its not perfect, but the best I've found so far. I would love this feature on OSV down the road