Creating notes or investment journal

Steve Till 8 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 12

It would be nice to have a notes or an investment journal function so that you can either copy and paste articles or you can write notes to remind yourself how you feel.

This is a good idea. I keep forgetting what I have looked at. It would be nice to have a way to quickly determine what I thought about a stock. For instance "Dismissed because of industry outlook (For profit education)."


Still thinking about this. I understand the desire, but from my research, not many people use it.

I'll look into ways of making it very unobtrusive and something like a sticky note, but just need to weigh the costs of dev and time vs where else that energy can be spent.

Yep. Probably a good idea to check with the rest of the community what they want the most as well. I work with IT-projects myself. I like to create packages that people can choose. You can get these 5 things or this 1 thing. What do you want?

I feel I solved my need by creating a google spreadsheet like this.


This particular spreadsheet is not mine, but on mine I added a column where I keep my notes.

Ah yes I know this one from Greg. Also adapated from another value guy Adib Motiwala.

I use multiple different tools to try my best to stay organized in the messy business of sifting through 100's of invesment ideas. I really like the stockstracker app for keepig track of my portfolios as well as keeping notes on long and short ideas. Its not perfect, but the best I've found so far. I would love this feature on OSV down the road

Under review

getting back to this while I can remember my question, and thinking aloud.

Do you prefer to have notes all in one location OR when you load each stock?

One idea I had is like the kindle. You take notes from a book from any page, but there is a link that shows you all your highlights and notes in one section which you can then click to go to that page.

But the best case would be to have something where the notes are integrated everywhere. If you save a stock to your portfolio, the notes are automatically pulled and displayed, it shows up when you load a stock summary page, in your recently viewed etc?

Hi Jae,

So sorry I didn't get back to you on this. Your idea would be amazing about having the notes integrated on all the different pages. Even having a section thats specifically for ideas.

Similiar to your kindle idea.

When you are looking at a stock you could bookmark and/or write a note. And that note would be organized in a separate section that you could go to. For me personally I would like it separated into long and shorts. Currently I more focused on finding shorts. Maybe even a ranking system would be helpful.

1-10 on weakest to strongest.

A way to easily classify it as a long or short. (otherwise the 1-10 thing would be confusing)

A note feature for writing down key fundamentals, technicals, narrative, and thesis.

and a place to go that has all your ideas in one place.

You are amazing Jae!!!!! These days im super busy recording scores for film and tv, but my dream is to do this fulltime. Hopefully soon!

THANK YOU for your guidance and inspiration!!!




Will be implemented in the portfolio feature. A little section to write notes.

Little update. The current notes feature will be a step forward in the right direction. I know what you guys mean, but we won't be able to fully implement it yet. Need to make sure it works properly and will be used. I've seen far too many apps where notes or comments are shared, but then it gets buried in noisy and irrelevant comments.

We'll keep working to improve the usability. First version is going to be rough.