Dividend Payout ratio

Richard 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 5 years ago 4

HI Jae,

The dividend chart is very useful. However, the payout ratio would be also very useful.

In fact I also use the FCF/Share and the EPS to compare the Dividend per share to figure out if the dividend is sustainable.

Under review

In the charts roadmap, it will include this and more. You'll be able to put multiple data on top of each other as well as have presets to make it easy.

This feature is less valuble to me as there are many online tools to get that ratio very quickly. I would welcome it, as it would save me a few sec when needed; however, I mainly use OSV for its data that is not easily attained in other sources. Metrics like P/FCF and all the various valuation models and wuality scores are extremely valuable. Also, the financial data is a big + to have on hand.

you make a good point Zach. Because we need to prioritize, I want to focus on big impactful features that you don't get anywhere else, or where others just do a bad job of it.


The dividend payout ratio was added a long time ago (under Key Stats), so we're closing this!