Competitor comparisons

OSV Support 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 6

Ability to take a stock and compare with industry comparables.


reworking the user experience to make it flow as good as possible and to function in a way that just makes sense.

Compared to other sites, you'll be able to customize your own comparison tables so that you can compare the data that matters to you.


FYI we made some extra changes to the UX and this is how it will look and feel.


One of the things that is extremely important in the way we develop and create new features is to make each individual feature better than any comparable website.

You've all seen comparison features where you just have a table and that's about it.

What I want to achieve for you guys is to make it totally customizable to your needs.

Create and save your own list of data points you want to compare, rearrange the order, create different templates.

My vision is that old school value is a productivity and workflow tool for investors. No longer limited to an analysis tool.

Thank you! This will be super helpful!!


first version will be out in a couple of weeks. Email going out soon to show you what's been done.

I am having trouble adding tickers when I use the "Compare Competitors" tab. When i click on "Add Stock" there is no response or window to type a ticker. Please advise. Thx.



all resolved and the final update is coming next week.