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Thanks.  Really haven't started yet - just experimenting and was having trouble with going from original spreadsheet to a new version.  How to you get old (with an extra sheet and some original sheets having my extra rows-but no movement of any OSV items ) and new OSV Stock Analyzer open at the same time?

Can anyone tell me how a customized sheet in an OSV Stock Analyzer workbook is transferred from a current OSV workbook to a new (ie, version update) workbook (example EC05 to EE09)
Please include all the steps - for instance -
I think you must be signed in to the workbook for it to 'open' but it seems you can only have 1 workbook opened at a time.
Updating links to older workbook pages to same links in new pages
Thanks for any help

Jeff, Did you create the table above or did you do a screen grab from OSV?

Would it be possible to allow all fields now included in each subset (ie, Basic, Action, etc without customization) to be downloaded for all symbols so that file could be screened in excel and individual user can determine which field(s) to use for screening?