Export function enhancement

Dan 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 7 years ago 4

The stock database section export function would be much more valuable if users could customize the fields to be exported to include any field available in the database ie, beyond those now included. Also would like date of last quarter for each symbol to be displayed/exportable.

Hi Dan. I'll look into this. But this is low priority at this point.

Would it be possible to allow all fields now included in each subset (ie, Basic, Action, etc without customization) to be downloaded for all symbols so that file could be screened in excel and individual user can determine which field(s) to use for screening?

Hi Dan. I think misread your first message.

We are actually adding a better export feature. The one we have is a temporary version.


Will be closing this. Released a new version that is an upgrade from current and in the next phase, you'll be able to customize the columns and export those columns.