Solvency Numbers Calculation Errors

Jeff Partlow 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

Am now looking at AMCX which has Mkt Cap of $3.9B and Total Debt of $2.7B. Three debt-related %s under Solvency tab are currently showing 2894.18%, 2443.19%, and 450.99%. By the way, I'm looking at these numbers in the Solvency tab in the Stocks Database section. I haven't yet looked at the historical Solvency numbers in the Dive into Data section.


Do you have the exact data name that you are seeing this? There's a lot of debt ratios..

Explanation in original post was adequate, but here's more detail:

Also, here is default display in Dive into Data section:

P.S. Numbers for most companies are accurate, but you can see several companies that are not. Also, several instances where debt/equity ratios are displayed as negative numbers (which I don't think is possible).

Jeff, Did you create the table above or did you do a screen grab from OSV?

Hi Dan,

Data grab from OSV screens.