Your comments

Hi Jae,

So sorry I didn't get back to you on this. Your idea would be amazing about having the notes integrated on all the different pages. Even having a section thats specifically for ideas.

Similiar to your kindle idea.

When you are looking at a stock you could bookmark and/or write a note. And that note would be organized in a separate section that you could go to. For me personally I would like it separated into long and shorts. Currently I more focused on finding shorts. Maybe even a ranking system would be helpful.

1-10 on weakest to strongest.

A way to easily classify it as a long or short. (otherwise the 1-10 thing would be confusing)

A note feature for writing down key fundamentals, technicals, narrative, and thesis.

and a place to go that has all your ideas in one place.

You are amazing Jae!!!!! These days im super busy recording scores for film and tv, but my dream is to do this fulltime. Hopefully soon!

THANK YOU for your guidance and inspiration!!!