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Show also top 10 Unfiltered universes or let us have the option of clicking on filter/unfiltered etc.

Brian Yu 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 5 years ago 4

I really like the OTC stocks cause they are actually great buys a lot of times. Just very illiquid. But im after a high CAGR and the unfiltered universe does just that very nicely. 

Under review

Do you mean on the front page?

Yes the front page! Where it Says top ten action stocks, top ten value stocks, etc.

Can you please also allow the ability to see OTC stocks? I'm not sure how judging a business based on where its stock trades allows for rationality.

OSV Online and the spreadsheet does not work for companies categorized as financials, OTC, pink sheets and ADR's. While we do have data for these companies, the valuation methods and custom ratios we use are not 100% calculated due to the company's lack of financials.

Financial stocks have a different financial statement format which is not supported with the valuation models.

Not enough data is available for OTC and pink sheet stocks.

Some ADR's have issues because the filter does not convert their local currency to USD.

For more info, please read our knowledge base - https://feedback.oldschoolvalue.com/knowledge-bases/2/articles/31-otc-pink-sheets-data-support