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This suggestion parallels the suggestion I had regarding putting the financial statements into a format that I was taught while working for Gabelli & Co. It combines quarterly with annual financial statements in an intuitive manner that makes it much easier to discern the business trends in the financial statements.

Several months ago I emailed you a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which outlined the desired format. I know you are busy working on higher priority projects (notably, the OSV screener). So if there is any way I could do some grunt work to help on the project, I would be happy to. For example, I already have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet built in the desired format. All that needs to be done is to put the proper formulas into each cell. If you could provide me with a list of mneumonic codes of all the quarterly financial data items used to access the Edgar database, along with a sample formula that goes into a few of the cells, and I would be happy to complete putting formulas into the spreadsheet. You could then insert the spreadsheet into your existing OSV Stock Analyzer as a separate sheet.

How does this sound?

Jae, Thanks for your reply. I hope you will keep in mind that Old School Value had its roots as a blog and spreadsheet tools. I think you have a lot of subscribers that still value your Valuation Spreadsheets as a means to look at the raw financial data, from the SEC filings, only presented in a user-friendly format. I know I do. And the more user-friendly the format, the better. Thanks for listening!