[OSV Tutorial] Training videos - A review of the lessons so far

(any stock examples in the tutorial emails are for illustration purposes only. Refer to the latest data in the app.)

Check out how I go through ideas and stocks in this video. It is going to greatly accelerate your learning curve to see how I do it live.

It will also lock in what I've been sending you lately.

Here's what I go through in this updated video.

Video Notes:

  • [00:30] My 4 step investment routine / workflow in my quantitative analysis
  • [05:50] Live stock examples of how I search, decide and analyze a stock
  • [07:00] Looking at the Action Score for TREX
  • [09:15] Quick valuation of Pier 1 Imports (PIR)
  • [16:55] Mechanical strategy using the Action Score and rules of thumb
  • [18:25] Additional ways to use the Action Score
  • [19:20] DIOD example
  • [19:50] TTM example
Click the image to view the video or here's the link.
Introduction and Overview of How to Use Old School Value

A review should help cement a lot of the concepts so that we can continue with the other sections.

Then if you ever want to remind yourself of how to use any of the sections, refer to the Tutorials section.

Go to our Resources page and then click on "Tutorials and Videos" to watch short video tutorials and explanations of each section.

For a deep dive into the interpreting and understanding the Action Score, refer to this video I shared in an earlier email.

OSV Insider Training: Busy Investor's Guide to the Action Score System

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