What is the spreadsheet and how does it work?

Your membership to Old School Value also includes bonus access to the use of our pre-built Excel Stock Analyzer.

Download this sample spreadsheet version to see what is included and what to expect.

The spreadsheet includes all the financial data from the web app along with extra valuation and analysis models.

The excel stock spreadsheet is geared towards advanced users who want control over their calculations.

Because we allow everyone to see our calculations and how each model is built, it is the perfect platform to add or modify your custom models on top of the current models.

All you have to do is enter a stock symbol and the spreadsheet will connect with our servers and automatically downloads 10 years and 16 quarters of financial data.

You then have complete control of adjustments, customization and fine tuning to your hearts content.

Once complete, you have the capability to save, print or create a report or presentation to wow your friends and boss.

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