Who is this for: Can Beginners Use This?

As much as we focus on usability and making data easy to interpret and understand at a glance, this is not a tool for "fresh" beginners who do not understand financial analysis or basic accounting.

Beginners can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of information. Our main users are self directed to professional investors who need quick and easy access to data and interpretation.

As much as we want to grow our user base, we understand our tool is not for everyone.

Dedicated beginners have been able to learn the basics to make full use of the tool. But there is a learning curve to fully utilize the power of the data that we interpret for you.

In fact, most refunds are requested by beginners. If you are not confident with understanding the numbers, this is not the tool for you.

Please try out the live real-time demo to see whether it fits your needs.

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