This is an excellent suggestion! I see a lot of stocks that have run up a lot and OSV does indeed catch them before the huge run up. It would be nice it more specifically time period wise, because sometimes a lot of these undervalued stocks have only a few months as a window of opportunity.

Under review

Good point guys.

This is something we've talked about many times.

The only thing that holds us back with this is how to handle historical scores if we decide to optimize and improve it. The historical values will be obsolete and if the changes make the scores very different, I wonder whether that is considered as trying to fit the data.

We'll be doing backtesting of course, but not sure what you guys think about it.


This would be a fantastic addition! A lot of growth stories could be easily tracked and entry/exit points could be easily spotted. 

@Jae - Let any improvement to the score calculation formulas reflect the previously calculated quarters also. More than these scores the financial statements numbers will tell the story to the investors. This feature will definitely be a big plus for all of us.


If anything, Jae, this should be a big plus. The Action Score got a 28% return historically for a reason. I think that this will help add more meat and proof to show how OSV can help value investors time the entries and exits much better. Because, a return like that, will likely mean the Action score figured out when fundamentals were improving well before the price advanced upwards. 


To make a long story.. short, I began learning technicals and fundamentals in 1999. Like many others at the time, I soaked IBD up, like a sponge. and made my own adjustments, like many have. 

I always wanted to dig deeper into the research of the "600 Best Performing Stocks from 1952 to 2001" from one of O'Neill's books.

Jae, you have created the tools to dig deeper. Yes, by finding stocks that are strengthening fundamentally, before a big move. Of course, not all stocks stick to this pattern, but I can rattle off at least a hundred off the top of my head, that did exactly this in the past 10 years. 

The key is to pinpoint when a stock is coiled like a spring. i.e. a fundamentally strong, but currently sleeping giant... and wait for the initial move.

To those who spend more time researching than trading, this addition of the quarterly numbers, would be one of the most valuable tools anywhere. Period. Why? You know the answer) To increase the probabilities of success. 


In 2005, I asked IBD for historical numbers. Just like I am asking you now) 

Your in depth analysis tools are much more suited to my liking. These historical quarterly numbers are essential for anyone who is looking for the next big stock to discover.... Your annual numbers and TTM already put your service in the lead, in my opinion. By adding historic quarterly numbers, you will do something that no one else has done... allowed the investor to study the critical details.

You already have the numbers by year. Spreading it out, so that we could see each quarter, would make your service that much more valuable. By not doing it... your service is still the best)

BTW Jae, I have always admired the mission you and your wife have of sponsoring children. Exactly the same mission here for several years.




Yup this has been added and planned.

With all things we do, I want us to make sure it looks nice and clean without distracting you from your analysis.

That's fantastic! Looking forward to it!! Thank you very much, Jae!!

Thank you Jae. Your hard work is much appreciated)


Most likely what you'll see soon. Harder than I thought as we had to update some things to pull qtr into the app and then figuring out how to display 2 charts without making a mess.

Thank you Jae for the quick turnaround on this! Looks fantastic! 


Released. Applied to each of the scores. So now there is an annual and qtr version.

Thank you so much Jae. This is exactly what i have hoped for. This is valuable work.