Under review

Increase number of ticker report downloads

OSV Support 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Request from Chetan:

Would you consider increasing the limit to 300 (requests) over 4 days? My volume typically goes up during weekends.

Under review

This limitation is enforced by our data licensing contracts. Our data providers need to limit this to help prevent people from downloading their full databases. If we were to increase the limit, we would have to get licensed for it, which would be substantially more expensive, and we'd have to pass this cost on to you guys. It would also mean we couldn't grandfather in older (usually cheaper) plans anymore, and we'd have to charge lifetime members again.

I'm not opposed to it -- this site exists for you guys! -- but a lot of people would really have to want it to make it feasible.

In general, we tried to build our screener and other tools so that you wouldn't have to download the Excel reports for quite so many companies. I'd be happy to talk about how we could make it less necessary to have to pull data down for so many tickers.

I'll leave this as "under review" so other insiders can weigh in.