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Incorrect Data for 'Last 12 Months Return vs S&P500' Criteria

Jeff Partlow 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

For example, today's value for this criteria shows:

AMZN -31.08%

GOOGL -12.04%

My data shows correct values should be:

SPY +1.47% for last 12 months

AMZN +8.85% for last 12 months

GOOGL +5.7% for last 12 months

This is a widespread error -- i.e. not limited to just AMZN and GOOGL.

Under review

Hi Jeff. We'll check this out. BTW, when did you start seeing this?

Can you check again today? It looks correct now. I see:

MSFT +18.23%

AMZN +6.92%

GOOGL +4.19%

for "Last 12 Months Return vs S&P500" in the StockDB.

Just noticed it yesterday when I wanted to add it to one of my screeners. 

Another criteria in error just identified:

- Change in Long Term Debt, 3 Year Growth (I didn't check, but suspect other similar 'Change' criteria should also be checked and corrected if necessary).

Would you like me to continue to identify other criteria in error when discovered.  There are others that I tried to add to my screeners in the past that were in error, so I deleted those from my screeners -- but didn't report them.

Yes, now corrected. Thank you.

Can you also look at 'Change in Long Term Debt, 3 Year Growth' and related criteria?

Not a bug

I think for the "change" criteria, there might be some confusion. The "change in" criteria come from the cash flow statement, so looking at the change in long term debt 3-year growth is kind of meaningless. (We just include the various growth metrics for every line of every financial statement, even if some probably shouldn't be used.) You want to be looking at the Balance Sheet Growth section, where you'd look at "Long Term Debt, 3yr Growth."

Let us know if that makes sense.

In the future, it's easier for us to track data issues and potential bugs through our support ticketing queue. From the app, just click "Help & Support" -> "Request Help" to tell us about any issues.

  1. Re long term debt change from balance sheet -- got it.
  2. Re use of 'Help and Support' -- will do.

Thank you.