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screen based on OSV Score trend

EquitableThinking 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

Can the screener have the ability to filter the stocks using the OSV's score's trend (Action, Quality, Value and Growth)?

For example XOM (Exxon Mobil) right now has Action score 69 and Quality score 71.5, Value score 71.14 and Growth score 65. However if you look at the past few years, the scores have consistently been increasing. The prospect of business also looks really compelling, and people could use score trend to screen such stocks. 

If the screener can have the ability to filter based on all 4 score's individual trend, that would be really great!

Thanks a million for providing the community such a fantastic valuable service and tool!!

You can create a screener using the QVGA metrics. You can filter it by creating a new screener. You can also filter and sort easily if you export the data and open it in Excel.

Under review

What would be ideal here? 3 Yr CAGR of the score? Or just 1 year? Or Something else?

Thanks for moving forward on this... Could we have both for all A, Q, V and G individually?