Not a bug

Underarmour Financial Data Not Up To Date

Alex C 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 6

Underarmour financial data is only up to Q1 2017

Not a bug

UA hasn't submitted their 10-Q yet. They only released 8-K earnings report today. When the 10-Q is filed, the data is updated.

The data is only as recent as Q1 2017, I believe Q2, Q3, and Q4 2017 should be there.

Hmm are you checking financials?

See this screenshot


I am...maybe it has something to do with UAA vs UA? I am looking at UAA.

Here's what I see:


ok I see what you mean. After they changed their tickers based on structure, the main ticker we track is UA.

But seeing as how UAA is the C class and has more voting rights, I'll make a switch to  make UAA the main ticker to follow.

Needs a day or so for the data to port over.

Ahh okay I see, thanks.

Given I am new here, is this how it works in general? If there are multiple classes of stock only one of them will have up to date data and we should just find and use that ticker?