Not a bug

Best Performing Stocks not in Best Performing Stock list

Tobias 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 3

I have a position in HWCC that is up 40%. Yet it does not show up in the Best Performing Stock list. LZB, is however on list. It is only up 13%. Something wrong here, or am I missing something?

Under review

Hi Tobias. What do you mean by BEST PERFORMING STOCK list? Please clarify.

Under the Summary tab on the Portfolio page, at the bottom left, there are some bars indicating some of my holdings returns. The headings are Best Performing Stock on the far left and Worst Performing Stock to the right of it. Below there is another heading: Best and Worst Performing Stocks. It shows 10 stocks. Maybe I just don't understand what I am looking at. Is it the best 5 and the worst 5 stocks?

Not a bug

For the stock to be on the list:

1. has to be active. Not sold.

2. has to have transactions. If no transactions, it is not counted as the portfolio does not know the gains.