2018 OSV Active Value Portfolio

Jeff Partlow 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 3

Thank you for posting your '2018 OSV Active Value Portfolio'.  Will you be listing all 20 stocks and updating year-to-date performance daily?  Will this Portfolio Tracker be viewed in the 'Portfolio' area of OSV?  When do you think this will be available to view?  Thank you.

Definitely not something I want to be discussing daily. And for legal reasons of not wanting people to copy, it's only going to be updated a few times a year. Thinking of making a separate page for it as it's not good practice to force load a portfolio onto people's accounts.

I'm also very grateful for the 2018 Active Value Portfolio post, always interesting to see what others are buying/holding. Completely understand not discussing the holdings very daily/weekly, but perhaps reviewing on a quarterly/bi-annual basis. Also what I find interesting is when companies that are brought in that aren't in that 'A' category and the reasoning/logic behind it. I find that this continues and stretches my learning process.

Yes will be doing more updates as I'll be more active with this portfolio. Will keep you posted on the blog and email.