Home Page Bug

Jeff Partlow 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 5

Help bubble on all four 'Top filtered universe' categories says "excluding financials, basic materials, OTC, and ADR's".  Stocks listed erroneously includes financials... 


Fixed. Will be released together with other fixes at a later date.

Not yet implemented.  By what date do you expect financials, basic materials, OTC, and ADR's to be deleted from all four 'Top filtered uninverse' categories on Home Page?

Only the text is going to changed. Looks like the change will be in a next version.

That is very disappointing.  Instead of providing a valuation (that you are admiting is erroneous) for those companies , why don't we OSV subscribers deserve to be provided a trustworthy alternative valuation methodology for them? (Note: at the least for all of the Financial companies)?       

The comment "financials, basic materials, OTC, and ADR's" was originally meant for the filtered universe based on the backtests. The ratings do NOT use any valuation methods. So that is something different. The DCF isn't 100% wrong for financials. Some work and some don't. Just like how a DCF won't work for something like Amazon.