"Your Screen" Edit function

Jeff Partlow 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 1

My prior comment in August:

Currently there is no way to change the order in which
the "Your Screen" column headings are displayed.  Users should at least
be able to "Edit" the column display order when in "Your Screen" to
conform to our personal preference as to the most logical display
order.  On the "Your Screen" page, the "Edit" button in the header on
the right side should be used for this purpose, not
to arbitrarily switch the user to the "Basic" display.  If users wants
to switch to the "Basic" display, we can simply click on the "Basic"
header to do so.

And your reply on Sept 1st:

"now that the latest release is out, will be making the "Your Screen" columns sortable."

Please prioritize this feature.  Thank you.



This was released in the previous release.

Quick video of how to order the Your Screen columns.

Click edit and then sort the criteria based on the order you want to see the columns.