Ability to screen based on median P/E from key ratios

Vishnu 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 5

The 5yr min, 5yr max, and median numbers are already available when you click into Key Stats for a given company. However, if we could add this into the Statistic List of the Edit Screener mode, it'd be great to export and sort companies with current P/E < 5yr median P/E. Seems like a rather feature to implement but could be immensely useful. 

Hey Jae - any update here re: adding in median P/E into the statistic list? 

Will be released after we've released the portfolio feature.

Thanks! What does that timeline look like? 

No specific dates, but should be soon.

We just released the portfolio feature so a lot of things to clean up in the meantime.