Add Net Current Asset value to screener

Ra'uf Glasgow 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 3

I know there are not a lot of these stocks around right now, but I would still love to be able to screen for NCAV or your adapated Net Net stocks.


Hi Ra'uf,

You are right in the sense that NCAV and Net/Net stocks were more prevalent decades ago and are very rare in modern times. I fear those that do pass these strict filters now are often 'value traps' rather than 'true values'.

Currently, the OSV online app has 3 Valuation models (DCF, Graham, and EBIT). When Jae chooses what model to add as a 4th one, my preference would be for a 'Buffet' model. Jae is already researching Buffett's stock selection methods/metrics -- see most recent post on his blog Like Buffett and Beyond

Your thoughts?

Jae, do you have a plan yet for what the 4th Valuation model will be?


It will likely be what we have in the spreadsheet. Likely the Absolute PE or the EPV. Definitely want to include EPV. Very hard to get it right though.

Then the dividend discount model too.

Net net's will come later, but not urgent since it's barely needed at the moment.