Enter Ticker Symbols in Search Input Box

Jeff Partlow 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 7 years ago 5

When in Step 1 functions (Stock Database and Screener) , allow multiple tickers (separated by commas) to be input manually with results for all tickers entered displayed in the same order they were entered and also in the existing Step 1 (Stock Database and Screener) formats (with their existing column headings) -- i.e. do not automatically switch to the Summary function.

Currently for all functions in Steps 2 through 4 in left sidebar, a ticker entry pulls up the data for the same function we are currently in. The same should be true for both Step 1 functions.


Yes this one is already planned.

Near future? I know my vote doesn't count, but this is #1 on my Wish List.

It will be up sooner than some other features for sure. Makes it easier to use and has a big impact on usability. Multiple stocks entered into the search will be loaded into the screener page and not the summary.


Great news! That will be a terrific advancement in usability and flexibility. When designing it, please also include that once in Screener page (also applies to Stock Database page), we should be able to move back and forth from category-to-category across the top of the screen (i.e. Basic, OSV Ratings, Valuation, ... etc.) while staying in Screener and also maintaining whatever the current ticker list order is (until we change the list order by either sorting on a different column heading or switching to another Screener Name. We wouldn't leave Screener (or Stock Database) until we choose to do so by selecting a different Step category in the left sidebar (such as Home, Summary, .... Compare Competitors, Financials). Thank you!


Getting ready to release this weekend hopefully.