Short Ratio Appears incorrect

cleypold 7 years ago updated by AustinLeake 4 years ago 4

Hello, I am looking at your short ratio and it appears to be off by 2 orders of magnitude. AKA representing the ratio as a percent

Under review

What stock is this again?

Are you seeing it from the key stats or screener?

The numbers look like this.https://www.screencast.com/t/cVuoXTIV4Pn

I'm currently looking at CAB, BGFV and DKS. Showing both on the key stats as well as compare competitors. For example, Float Short for CAB is .1% on the key stats and Yahoo Finance shows Float Short at 7.23%. I think it may just be a rounding as well as percentage conversion issue.



Looks like its a rounding error. Will get it fixed.


Fixed now.