Shift Decimal Point?

Jeff Partlow 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 7 years ago 4

This is petty, but I added 'Revenue Growth (Year/est), Next Year' with an 'Edit' to 'Estimates' column header tab. For first stock (Agilent ticker 'A') in database the value shows as 480.00%. Decimal should be shifted two to the left -- i.e. 4.80% instead?

Also, hopefully I'm interpreting this statistic correctly since it is worded in a confusing way. Would it be accurate (and with better clarity) to say: 'Revenue Growth Next FY vs. TY Est'?

Not a bug

This isn't something we can change because it's coming directly from analyst estimates and the data provider.

It is 480%. Usually a high number like this comes up when the stock did really bad.

e.g. if a company reports $0.01 and then analysts think it will be $0.05 the next year, it's going to be a big number.

Here is example of display errors I am referring to for Revenue... and Growth... columns in a custom screener:


Ahh I see. Yes this is incorrect. I'll get the decimal place shifted.

Showing which data point is helpful.