Action Score

kirkbausch 7 years ago updated by OSV Support 7 years ago 1

Hi Jae-

On the download link for the up-to-date Action score or the Trifecta (12) on the app...are those the basket of stocks that were selected on Jan1, 2016? And, is this tracking their progress YTD? if so, great! However, i pulled the Action sheet on Jan 1 and mine is different than the list on the download link. My list includes: calm, fonr, ebf, uwn, jctcf, amot, pfin, kfrc, cbd, dal, gild, ha, cpla, hlf, HII, ccf, nlnk, nus, med?

Perhaps we started at different time frames. Please clarify?

thank you


Those stocks are actually the latest as of today. Not the Jan 1.

I don't have a separate list for Jan 1. Something I need to implement later if I want a function to pull stocks and their scores from a certain date.