In Compare Competitors, you should have a pull-down list to pick stocks from the same industry as well as being able to input stock symbols manually.

Curt Lindenbaum 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 6 years ago 3

If you can select stocks for comparison from a list of the industry, so know you will be comparing stocks in similar industries and also provides an easy reference list for comparison so users do not have to find the comparison companies using other means or in another program.

Under review

That's true. I want to make it automatically load competitor stocks and then allow users to manually switch stocks.

One challenge is to figure out how to do it internally without having to fork over lumps of money just for competitor stock data :(

Have you considered using Industry from line 469 in the Metadata section? I'm not sure, but perhaps that might be a NAICS 5-digit Industry designator, in which case there are 215 unique Industries. If so, perhaps selecting 4 largest market cap companies in that Industry as an initial automatic load would be a reasonably good starting point? Of course, each user would then be able to manually change/save competitors as they choose -- but would also have an option to revert back to the original automatically loaded list as well.


This one is ready to go this weekend or early next week.

Made it so that 4 of the biggest market cap stocks in the same industry are chosen. You can then manually change it again if you wish.