Action Score download problem includes de-listed company

Ra'uf Glasgow 8 years ago updated by OSV Support 8 years ago 7

I downloaded the Action score spreadsheet, which I was very excited to use. Unfortunately, it seems to have at least one de-listed company ADVCD in the number two spot. There has been no quote on this stock since July. This seems very troubling for an investment list.


You're right. Will get delisted companies off the list and other areas, but will still be available for individual search so that people can look at the history of companies that were taken private or delisted.

Is the filtered universe the Action score list that you backtested? Or did you actually back test the Trifecta score?

On further research Avant-E which used to be ADVCD is now listed as ADVC, but no longer is a top 20 action stock. There still seems to be a problem with delisting or relisted defunct ticker still making it into the universe, which they should not be, since they are not investable or trackable.

Also the defunct ticker ADVCD is still showing up on the top 12 trifecta companies on the online app.

Here is the explanation behind it all: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/advant-e-corporation-announces-reverse-141700171.html

But unfortunately, not why the stock is still on the action and trifecta lists.


This one has been fixed now. Will keep delisted or gone private companies for people to view "case studies".