Really superb features (The comparison feature). Its very powerful for understanding each company in relation to its competitors..

Richard Gordon 8 years ago updated by OSV Support 8 years ago 1

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be accomplished. I think if you have a free version of this site, say for the Dow 30 stocks so that prospective investors can come have a look at what is possible you would probably draw a lot of interest.

Also eventually you might incorporate an online stock forum like Seeking Alpha so that investors could discuss analysis of various stocks, it might make Old School Value a hub of interesting analysis and ideas. (Of course, that is probably a huge undertaking in itself so you might want to leave it until later.)

Also suggest watermarking your graphs with the Old School Value logo. If people take a screen capture and use it on Seeking Alpha its good free advertising for Old School Value.

Great feedback and ideas Rich. Some stuff I've been thinking of, but focusing on more important must have features for you all.