?'s not working on mobile or Ipad, and no "help" or "menu" button

Zach 8 years ago updated by OSV Support 8 years ago 3

not sure if the ? Marks are suppose to yield extra info. Would be helpful if they did. I am not clear on the different screener terms; trifecta, action score "filtered universe" exc. intuitively I clicked on the "?'s" for help and nothing happened.

Also, I saw in a recent update that there was a "menu" tab at the top of the screen. I do not have this feature. I have been trying to figure out what plan I am on, as well as what the above terms specifically mean.

Thank you for your amazing work. I have learned so much because of you! My only concern is that you will actually make the markets perfectly efficient. ;)



P.s. Bravo for your work in Africa. It is inspiring.

Zach are you using Safari browser?

The (?) buttons should display extra info and explanations when you click on it.

Thanks for the kind words.. lol not really doing much though


figured out what the issue is. On iphone, the top bar doens't minimize. On android looks to work. Will get it fixed.


fixed and updated.