it would be nice to have a Wishlist/ with target price alerts, to watch them for sometime.

Aku 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 4 years ago 6


It would be nice to filter ideas and create a wishlist of stocks to track and keep an eye on it. I used a different app to track them and get price alerts.

Yes that's part of the portfolio option. Plan to have a good alerts system. The thing is we don't have real time quotes as it's too expensive. So I'm weighing the options of when we get to this part. Maybe we'll have a lot of growth and can afford to splurge :P



What if for now if you create a tracker that it will give out alerts at the end of the day only with closing pricing numbers.

For value investors live update does not mean anything anyways. if the price target is hit, usually it does not bounce back immediately unless ofcourse it is some kind of flash crash. You can also give a choice so if price reaches with +- 5% it will give a notification.

When you get lot of growth then you can always change the system to real time updates :)

Under review

For sure. The plan is to get the competitor comparisons and then screener functionality up first.
Then we'll work on the portfolio feature but I dont want to just throw up a clunky feature that is frustrating to use.

My goal is to make any feature silky smooth to use so that you don't even think about the app. The app essentially disappears as you focus on the numbers and questions that come up in your mind.

I would welcome this feature; however, I do not believe it should take president over others; like additional valuation metrics and models. The reason why is because their are many other tools online that do this well with realtime quotes. OSV is where I go to research my portfolio and other investment ideas. I believe the research features should be the primary focus of OSV because that is what it does BEST

That's a really good point Zach. Right now because the comparison feature will also help with research, that's the next one we are working on, then back to the other valuation models.

Watchlist and portfolio stuff will come later.