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Symbol entry not working

tomanon35 3 years ago updated by OSV Support 3 years ago 1

For example, on the summary page I can not add a symbol. Nothing happens when I type one. The only way I can search for a security I'm interested in is to use the edit ket on the home page. Nothing else works. What am I doing wrong?

Under review

That's strange. A couple suggestions you can try:

-When you start typing a symbol, wait for the auto-search to bring up the symbol and select that

-Switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari if you're using Internet Explorer

-Log out and log back in and see if you can enter a symbol

-Hard refresh the page (ctrl + F5)

-Clear your browser's cache

Also, next time, you can click the "HELP & SUPPORT" menu from within the app, and select "Request Help" to submit a ticket to us directly. This is more of a forum for feedback about the product, which isn't always monitored as quickly by customer service.