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Alert when valuation hits your mark

Torben Falck 4 years ago updated by OSV Support 4 years ago 6

I know the alert feature has been up before (for a long time...).

It would bring a lot of value and I would like to suggest a somewhateasy way to implement it:

In the screeners, add a custom Margin of Safety tab where the user can set his Margin of Safety on any of the Valuation metrics from the Valuation tab (Step 3) for the stocks she is interested in. 

Remember a "reset all" button...

If the fair value crosses of either of the MOS thresholds in either direction, the user will get notified via email. 

How many users are there on OSV by the way (to pay for features)?

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion, Torben. Can't promise anything right now.

Regarding the number of users. We're not permitted to disclose any data regarding user information. 

To do this, we'd need a process that checks every users' portfolios' target prices vs the current quote. It's not something that we could make real-time, but would an end of day check be reasonable?

Sure, this does not have to be a fast trigger - just something that tells me that something is getting interesting using any of the statistics you have in the screeners.

Perhaps the screeners would be the best place to implement the feature?

I had been thinking of implementing it in the Portfolio. That way, you can track your existing portfolio in case something hits your price target and you want to sell. Or, you could create a "target" portfolio of stocks that are interesting but would need to hit a certain price target for you to buy.

Maybe in the future we could create alerts based on arbitrary metrics besides price, but I'll have to give that more thought

A solid feature that would help enormously would be something where the alert target moves when the fundamentals move - so something of a dynamic nature. 

Much like ratios, the OSV scores etc. 

A static price indicator would not suffice and there are many of those already. 

Use the metrics you already have - should be relatively easy to implement :-)


OK, let me think about it. We may need to create a whole Alerts tab to make this robust, but it might be overkill. However, offering things that other people don't -- like alerting based on changes to key ratios that can change over time -- is obviously important. If we move this out of the Portfolio or Screener section, it might actually be easier.

I might post a survey to see what major features current members want most, so you all can help with our prioritization.