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Filter out closed positions from Portfolio

Tobias 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 9

The second tab in the Portfolio contains closed positions as well as current positions. It would be helpful to somehow easily view only current positions. Since I have more than 10 holdings, I can't see them all at the summary page. 


In edit transaction you can filter using a checkbox - you can clear active or inactive stocks, as well as check or uncheck all the tickers in your portfolio.

On the second tab, what does the "delete stock" button do? Does that just remove the checked stock form the view, or does it actually delete all the transactions  of that stock as well?


It completely deletes the stock and transactions from the portfolio.

Then I don't understand how this suggestion has been completed. I want my closed potions to be taken into account for my overall performance and returns, but I don't want to look at a long list of closed positions on a daily basis.


I think what you are originally asking about is filtering between closed and open stocks.

If you go to transactions, you can filter just like this: https://www.screencast.com/t/B7ya7a3Zw

To only see transactions for active stocks, click on Active Stocks.


Or are you also asking to filter and not display sold out positions in the portfolio view too?

If the portfolio view is the name of the tab between the summary tab and the edit transaction tab, then yes.

What I am looking for is to be able to see all my active positions at a glance

I think I have 15 active positions.

I can't see them all on the summary tab, because it only shows 10 positions.

I can see them on the "edit transaction" tab, but not at a glance. I automatically reinvest my dividends, so that tab is cluttered up with 100+ rows of just small purchases of reinvested dividend. It's nice that I can filter out my 3 or 4 closed positions. That removes something like 50 lines or so. Still the page is extremely busy with all the buys from dividends.

That leaves the portfolio view tab that seems like my go-to place to see everything at a glance. But here I would like the option not to see the closed out positions. I don't need to look at them, because I can't do anything about them. Like I mentioned before, I would still like for the closed positions to be on OSV, because I still OSV to take the closed out positions into account for the performance calculations. 

Under review

ok I understand what you mean now.

We can apply the same buttons and methods we used in the transactions tab to the portfolio.

Great stuff Jae!