Add the ability to include stocks in a Portfolio not currently included in OSV database

zentack 5 years ago updated by OSV Support 4 years ago 4

Suggestion: To make the portfolio feature more functional, add support for stocks outside of the Old School Value database. This does not need to include the features (valuation, competitors, financials). Without the ability to add stocks not in the database, I am unable to fully track a portfolio.

Stock example: SMID


That's something we are working on right now. 

Hi any progress on this - without it makes it very difficult as requires maintaining two spreadsheets. There are normally accepted tickers for different stock markets (for example barc.l for Barclays quoted on LSE) and used in yahoo finance. However even if prices are not updated automatically this would be useful. 

Hi Viv,

We only support stocks listed on the US exchange. We don't have international data feeds.

If it's an ADR, we supported it. e.g. Barclays is listed as an ADR under BCS. So you would have to use the correct symbol.