Not a bug

Two Altman Z Score Problems

Jeff Partlow 5 years ago updated by OSV Support 5 years ago 4

1. Market Value of Equity uses K ($Thousands) rather than B ($Billions) for TTM (trailing twelve months).

2. Delete MRQ calculations.  Z Scores should only be used for 12-month periods -- X3(EBIT) and X5(Sales) are understated if use only 3-month values.

1) fixed.

2) 3 month numbers are included to compare between short term last quarter figures vs LTM figures.

I think you missed my point.  Altman Z scores require 12-month time periods

The underlying reason for this is that variables X3(EBIT) and X5(Sales) for only 3 months cannot be compared to EBIT and Sales for 12 months. 

Therefore, please delete MRQ Z score info. 

Please reply to comment from 1 week ago regarding inaccuracy of calculating Altman Z for anything other than 12-month periods. 

Not a bug


Sorry but we are not going to delete this. EBIT is divided by 4 for the latest MRQ. It is a good approximation of how the company is doing vs the past year.