Provide notifications when new data becomes available for a company

Ray Lian 6 years ago updated by OSV Support 5 years ago 4

It would be great to get a notification when new data becomes available for a company that I care about. Currently I have to check each individual company periodically, a very tedious process.

Under review

This is a good idea. Will have to review it and see how it can fit in, or whether I can throw up something quickly. Since a portfolio/watchlist feature isn't available, tough to give notifications for the stock you want.

Thanks for the update. A couple of ideas for how to implement this without adding a portfolio/watchlist feature:

Idea 1: Create a "new data" page that lists new data available in chronological order. This could also provide a launching point to get ideas and do research. I would personally check out a page like this to see what companies have new data available and what their new ratings are, and decide whether to go deeper.

Idea 2: Create a "new data" badge that can be attached to the ticker symbols, sort of like a notification badge. It can say "new data" or just be a number/symbol. That way I can glance at the vertical panel on the right (containing the tickers I've recently viewed) and quickly see which companies have new data.

By the way, I really like this product. Are you looking for funding?


You're filled with awesome ideas.

Was talking about this and was thinking along similar lines for idea 1. Idea 2, is also another good one.

It would be like the stock database, except a "status page" for stocks since we don't use incomplete 8-K data and people ask why a certain data isn't available.

Re: funding.

Not at this time :)